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When buying low priced stocks, you need to be sure to find an online brokerage that doesn't charge you a surcharge fee. Many charge a fee for stocks under $0.01. This is why we've filtered our list to ONLY include those brokerages that DO NOT charge extra for buying many shares of low priced stocks.


Best Priced Brokerages for Buying Stock in TIVO

Brokerage Commission Comparison for buying 2000 shares of TIVO

Brokerage Commission Rate (how much it costs to buy and sell a stock)
td ameritrade $9.99 Find out more at TD Ameritrade
At TD Ameritrade, fair, straightforward pricing is what we're about. And for you, that means low, flat-rate $9.99 commissions on every Internet equity trade, regardless of account balance or how many shares you buy. And you won't be charged a maintenance fee.
Brokerage Commission Rate (how much it costs to buy and sell a stock)
$9.95 Find out more at E*
Why E*Trade? Pioneers in online investing for over 20 years, E*TRADE provides a full range of investment choices at exceptional value. E*TRADE offers clear competitive pricing with stock and options trades at $9.99 or less.
Open an account and get up to $500, plus 60 days of free trades.
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